What Your New York Divorce Attorney Needs to Know

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Hiring a New York divorce attorney is a wise decision if your marriage has broken down. Your divorce attorney will make sure that your rights are protected and should your case settle, you receive a fair and equitable result according to New York law.

Your relationship with your divorce attorney is essentially a partnership. Your divorce attorney will handle the legal proceedings of the case, but you will need to be sure that your attorney has all of the right information and documentation. Your attorney cannot read your mind, so as you discuss the history of your marriage and the reasons for its decline, make sure to give your attorney the full picture.

Unfortunately, this means that it is time to own up to any wrongs you committed during your marriage. If you had an affair several years ago, your attorney needs to know. If you and your spouse had a shouting match at a family holiday, your attorney will need to know about this and similar events as well. You need to tell your attorney about all of the bad parts of your marriage, even things that may be taken out of context. Your attorney would much rather hear this from you than from your spouse’s attorney in court.

Similarly, if you feel that your spouse is being dishonest, present any and all documentation of the truth to your attorney. Many clients do not want to cause extra drama in their divorce, but advocating your case is essential.

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