When to Consult Your Legal Separation Attorney in Patchogue NY

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If you have hired a legal separation attorney in Patchogue New York, you will work with this individual to create a separation agreement that becomes legally enforceable. A separation agreement lays out how, among other things, the parties address the temporary division or property, as well as child custody and visitation, before they finalize their divorce. When should you call your legal separation attorney in Patchogue New York?

Of course, you should make sure that your attorney understands all of the elements you would like to be included in the separation agreement, ranging from who gets to stay in the marital home to how often you see your children. After the legal separation agreement has been filed, you should contact your legal separation attorney at any time your ex- spouse does not follow its terms. For example, if they are consistently late to pick up the children for visitation, you should inform your attorney. If they were supposed to provide you with certain property after the agreement was signed, and did not, let your attorney know so that these matters may be addressed. In many cases, a party not following a court order may be found in contempt of court.

If there are significant changes in circumstances, you should inform your attorney as well. For example, did your spouse get pulled over for drinking and driving while the kids were in the car? If so, custody and visitation arrangements may need to be altered.

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