Why Should I Have a Parenting Plan in Place During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

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To parents, the most important thing in their life is their children. It is their job to make sure they have as happy and healthy of an upbringing as possible, regardless of whether or not their parents are together. It is because of this that divorced parents should create a parenting plan to determine a clear path for how they wish to raise their child together, but separately.

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus across the world has caused a great deal of uncertainty, leading to self-quarantines and hospital stays for many. As no one was able to predict this situation, it is important to have or modify a parenting plan to ensure you are ready for the weeks ahead during this trying time. While most cases can be settled quickly if parents are able to openly communicate, other cases may need the help of a mediator or judge. Continue reading to learn about the steps you can take to create a temporary parenting plan during this time:

  • Plan for the worst. No one wants to catch this virus or pass it on to their children. However, if it does happen, a plan should be in place regarding where the child will stay and where the parent would quarantine.
  • Determine places where your child can and cannot go, based on areas that are infected.
  • Stay educated so that you can understand the symptoms of the virus, know what precautions to take, and be aware of what to do if someone experience signs. This can include a runny nose, dry cough, fever, or pneumonia. 
  • Hire a unbiased, third-party mediator who can help reach agreements regarding temporary terms of child custody that both parents can live with and is in the best interest of the child. 

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