Working through Long Distance Visitation Issues in Divorce Mediation in Bohemia NY

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After parties divorce or otherwise reach a custody determination, changes may occur that require revisiting such arrangements.  For example, one parent may move away, placing the custody agreement in a tenuous position.  Divorce mediation in Bohemia NY can address potential scenarios as part of the original agreement.  Alternatively, parties may rely on divorce mediation in Bohemia NY to help settle post-divorce related problems in order to avoid any other litigation.

When considering issues of long distance visitation, it is important for the parties both to be flexible with their approach and expectations.  Long distance visitation arrangements are often much more complicated and concern different issues than visitation when the parents live nearby.  For example, holidays may not be as easily split up as in a typical situation.  This may require the parties to sacrifice certain holidays.  They may choose to alternate holidays.  Whatever arrangement is reached, the emphasis should be on coming up with a solution that works best for the child.

Parties may also want to address the monetary aspect of these visits.  The parties may be able to split the costs or alternate paying for visits.  Arrangements regarding pick up and drop off times and locations should be outlined in any plan to avoid confusion.  Additionally, the parents should take special care to consider other forms of communication.  When one parent lives far away from another parent, physical visits may not be as frequent, so it is important that the parent have access through other forms of communication.

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