Adoption Options in New York | What You Need to Know

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Adopting a child is one of the most amazing things a parent can do. But, the process can be long and arduous. As a result, it is important to be educated on the process and to work with the right attorney. In New York, there are a number of different types of adoption. Read on to learn more about adoption options in New York.

Types of adoption in New York:

Different families will take different paths when it comes to adopting a child. The following options available in New York include:

  • Domestic adoption: This type of adoption is used when a family or individual who lives in the United States adopts a child who was born and lives in the United States. Typically, this process will involve an adoption agency.
  • International adoption: This type of adoption refers to when a family or individual who lives in the United States adopts a child who was born in and lives in another country. This type of adoption is much more intricate and demands a lot of travel to and from the child’s home country.
  • Adult adoptions: This occurs between two or more adults to transfer inheritance or filiation.
  • Second-parent adoption: This form of adoption generally occurs when a same-sex parent would like to adopt his or her biological or adoptive child without annulling the first parent’s legal status as a parent.
  • Private adoptions: This kind of adoption usually occurs without the help of an adoption agency. This process is facilitated between the birth mother and the adoptive parents.
  • Stepparent adoptions: This type of adoption is when a stepparent wants to adopt his or her stepchild. In order to do this, the non-custodial parent must consent to the adoption or have his or her rights terminated. Parental rights will likely only be annulled in events of abuse or neglect.

If you are working on adopting a child, it is important to work with an experienced attorney. This is because legal issues can arise. Additionally, an attorney can help you with the legal process. Reach out to our firm to discuss your options. We are here to advocate for you every step of the way.


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