How to Amicably Resolve Divorce with Divorce Mediation in Bohemia NY

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Many divorcing couples want to avoid the messy and public battles that they have seen their friends and celebrities go through.  That is why divorce mediation in Bohemia New York has such an appeal.  Divorce mediation in Bohemia New York provides a way for parties to divorce in an amicable fashion in which they work together on resolving the details of their divorce.

Divorce mediation is not only for parties who get along perfectly and communicate well together.  Otherwise, very few divorcing spouses would use it.  Instead, it is a process available to any spouses who want to resolve their differences outside the courtroom in order to save time, money and frustration.  They do not need to be expert communicators; that is what the mediator is for.

The mediator helps the parties identify the areas that they agree on and then work toward solutions on the remaining issues.  By gently guiding the parties through the process, the parties can make concessions in order to work toward a mutually satisfactory agreement.  In a litigated case, a judge usually cannot understand the relationships between the parties.  Hearings are often limited in time and the judge’s docket is full.  Since the spouses have a better idea about family dynamics and the needs of their children, they are often in a better position to make decisions that will intimately affect them.  Additionally, mediation allows the parties to freely speak their minds without worrying about the legal repercussions in a courtroom setting.

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