Having Your Case Reviewed by a Divorce Attorney in Bohemia New York

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Every divorce case is different.  Each case involves different people with different personalities.  The issues involved in the case are often different.  Knowing what to do in your particular divorce may seem confusing.  A divorce attorney in Bohemia New York can help make the process clearer.  A divorce attorney in Bohemia New York can review your case and provide you with the following information:

The Legal Issues

A divorce attorney can review the information you provide about your divorce, including the length of your marriage, the types of problems that have led to divorce, any pre-existing agreements, information about the marital and separate property and information regarding your children.  This allows the attorney to determine the potential issues that you may encounter in the divorce.

Strength of the Case

Once the divorce attorney has reviewed this information, he or she can assess the strength of your case and which issues will likely be ruled in your favor.  Additionally, he or she can assess the weaknesses of your case and if there is anything that you can do to overcome them.


The divorce attorney can recommend a legal strategy that is specific to your case, taking into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of your case.  He or she may recommend mediation if it is believed that a peaceful resolution is possible or litigation if the evidence is on your side but the other side contests it.

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