What are some benefits of legal separation?

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When a couple is considering ending their marriage but they aren’t totally sure what they want to do, they should make themselves aware of all possible options. Of course, if the couple truly no longer wants to be married and just wants it to be officially over, it is probably in their best interest to simply opt for a divorce. However, there may also be situations in which a couple may benefit more from obtaining a legal separation. Legal separation means that technically, you are still officially married but you get to divide assets, have a custody agreement, and support for children or a spouse, just like you would in a divorce agreement.

Though you aren’t permitted to get remarried while legally separated, there are a number of other benefits that you may reap from this option. You will be able to keep your health insurance benefits and you can continue to file taxes jointly as a married couple. Additionally, if you and your spouse decide that the separation is only temporary because each party needs to take some time to regroup, you can always decide to stay married or get divorced. If you decide to get divorced, all of the decisions are likely already made, making the process quite simple.

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