Benefits of Mediated Divorce in NY

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When a couple realizes that their marriage is no longer working, one or both spouses may make the decision to file for divorce. At this point, the couple has a lot to consider. One thing that must be considered is in regards to how they would like the divorce to proceed. While some couples find that a litigated divorce is best for their situation, many others are leaning towards the increasingly popular method of a mediated divorce. Though a mediated divorce is not for everyone, those that do complete the process are often happier with the results and are on better terms with their former spouse than they were before the divorce started.

There are many significant benefits to obtaining a divorce through mediation. Here are some of the benefits that couples who choose mediation can appreciate:

  • Mediation often takes much less time than other divorces. Many times, a couple can have the divorce finalized in 3 or 4 sessions, even though they are absolutely allowed to take as much time as they need.
  • Due to the fact that it is more efficient, mediated divorces are also often less expensive.
  • Mediation allows the couple to remain out of the courtroom, as these sessions usually take place in a conference room-type setting.
  • Mediation allows the couple to take control over their divorce and make decisions for themselves instead of having a judge decide for them.

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