Can I make changes to a court order in New York?

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When the court issues an order in New York State, they expect that those involved will follow it, as it is legally binding. In family court, the judge is always going to issue a court order based on the current circumstances of the family at hand. Neither the judge or the family members can see into the future and know what changes may arise years down the road that may make it nearly impossible or completely impractical to continue abiding by the order that was issued so many years before.

As a result, New York State allows individuals or families to request that a court order is modified. However, the state certainly doesn’t make it easy. The party who wishes to modify a court order will have to prove why it is necessary for the changes to be made because sometimes, people try to request modifications that aren’t really needed in an effort to get out of paying what they were ordered to or for many other reasons. The types of court orders that can be modified include child support, spousal maintenance, child custody, visitation, and more. Some valid reasons for a modification can include a loss of income, a major health issue, among many others. If you have questions about a modification, contact our firm today.

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