Cases Handled by a Real Estate Attorney in Bohemia NY

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A real estate attorney in Bohemia NY may handle a wide variety of cases, including residential and commercial transactions.  Some of the common cases that a real estate attorney in Bohemia NY completes include:

Real Estate Purchaser and Buyer Side Transactions

A real estate attorney may assist with the purchase or sale of real estate.  This includes drafting a number of agreements, such as financing agreements, coop offering plans and condominium offering plans.  A real estate attorney may also assist with the purchase agreement and official offer from the buyer.  He or she may review the terms of a proposed agreement to ensure that the represented party’s interests are protected, such as by containing certain contingencies.

Broker Agreements 

New York real estate transactions usually include a broker.  A real estate attorney may draft a broker agreement for apartments or condos.  A real estate attorney can review the broker agreement for any terms that are unfavorable to the buyer or seller.  For example, some plans may be drafted in such a way that the seller is required to pay a brokerage commission even if a sale does not happen.


A real estate attorney may represent tenants, owners and buyers in negotiating the purchase or sale of real estate.

Other Matters 

A real estate attorney may handle other legal matters, such as reviewing the title and ensuring that there are no clouds on it.  He or she may also advise the client about any potential tax consequences of the transaction.

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