Divorce Mediator in Bohemia NY: Learning to Let Go

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A divorce mediator in Bohemia NY confronts a number of challenges when helping a couple negotiate the terms of their divorce settlement.  One challenge is when one of the parties seems to be delaying the divorce.  By getting past this hurdle, a divorce mediator in Bohemia NY can help the parties move on with a divorce settlement that works for both of them.

Sometimes one party is resistant to the process of mediation because he or she wants the marriage to be saved.  This situation may become evident with repeated delays in the divorce process.  Paperwork may not be completed in a timely manner, requests for information may go unanswered and continuances may be requested.

In order to get both of the parties in the right mindset for mediation, this type of party may need to be informed that delaying the process of divorce will not prevent the final outcome from occurring.  Instead, this approach will only prevent healing and increase stress for both parties.  Additionally, legal expenses will continue to increase as the amount of time to resolve the case increases.

By being made aware of the negative aspects of delay, the party who is dragging his or her feet may realize the consequences at stake.  Additionally, this party may be convinced to mediate and ultimately resolve the case if other party’s interests are at stake, such as their children’s.

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