Divorce Attorney in Stony Brook NY Explains How to Avoid Expensive Litigation

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A divorce attorney in Stony Brook New York knows firsthand how bad divorce proceedings can be. He or she witnesses such on a daily basis. However, a divorce attorney in Stony Brook New York can also offer a unique perspective on how common problems can be avoided.

Consult a lawyer as quickly as possible. Doing this can help you protect your interests and your finances so that there is less to litigate about. Additionally, you only have a limited number of days in which to respond if you are served with divorce papers.

Reach an agreement on the issues that you can agree on. Mediation has provided numerous divorcing spouses with a way to reach an amicable settlement. You can usually bring your attorney with you to mediation to ensure that your interests are still protected and to prevent you from making a concession that is not in your best interests. Even if you cannot agree on every issue, narrowing the issues can help you save money on not having to invest resources and spend time litigating issues that you can resolve on your own.

Consider long-term goals. It is easy to be short-sighted when dealing with a divorce. You may be particularly emotionally attached to the house, but it may not make financial sense for you to keep it when your household income will be split in half. You may be thinking more about financial assets you want to keep rather than thinking about spousal support for several years that can better make ends meet. Additionally, you need to keep retirement planning in mind, including knowing which retirement accounts you have a right to.

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