Divorce Mediator in Bay Shore NY on Avoiding Communication Failures

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A divorce mediator in Bay Shore New York  helps parties involved in a divorce to find some middle ground and move toward a resolution of their divorce.  A divorce mediator in Bay Shore New York helps bridge communication gaps between parties.  This often requires avoiding the potential for communication failures such as:

Delivering the Message in the Wrong Way

Sometimes couples may have the right message but they may not communicate it well.  In mediation, the parties should carefully consider whether the other party will be more receptive to hearing the message directly from them or from a neutral third party mediator.  Often the mediator is able to deliver an important message without ruffling feathers in the process.

Making Unsubstantiated Demands

Another communication roadblock arises when a party makes demands that cannot be reasonably explained.  The parties may not have any basis for what they are asking for and the other party may not be able to rectify such demands with logic.

Setting Hard Limits

If a party comes to mediation with only one idea of an acceptable solution, he or she will probably not wind up with a settlement of the case.  Parties must avoid setting hard limits and instead be willing to be more flexible during the process.  In this way, they may be able to reach a solution that is mutually satisfactory.

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