How to Avoid Sabotaging Your No Fault Divorce in Bay Shore NY

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Parties caught up in a no fault divorce in Bay Shore New York have taken the first difficult step by publicly acknowledging that the divorce is not either party’s fault.  However, a no fault divorce in Bay Shore New York is not the same as an uncontested divorce case.  Sometimes while working hard to protect their own interests, parties involved in divorce may begin to take more aggressive stances that lead to a long and contentious court battle.  Some ways parties commonly sabotage their divorce include:

Sabotaging Finances

In a misguided attempt to protect their financial well being, some parties may take aggressive and sometimes illegal actions concerning their finances by hiding assets, under reporting financial information or transferring assets contrary to the order of the court.  These tactics often backfire on the spouse attempting such acts.

Battling Over Every Issue

Many couples respond to the stress and frustration of the deterioration of their relationship by fighting over every issue involved in their divorce case.  However, their interests are often much better served by trying to find equitable solutions to their legal issues.  By fighting over every legal issue, the parties often make their divorce more stressful, expensive and longer.

Hiring the Wrong Lawyer

Some parties may rush out and get the lawyer with the most aggressive reputation.  However, an aggressive approach often does not serve a party’s best interests.  Additionally, it often leads to hostility between the parties that lasts for years to come.

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