How a Family Law Attorney in Stony Brook NY May Use Social Media

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A family law attorney in Stony Brook New York may use information collected from social media to help advance his or her client’s case.  For this reason, family law attorneys in Stony Brook New York  often advise their clients to be careful about what they post on social media because the information on these sites may ultimately be used against them.  Some possible red flags that attorneys look for include:

Expensive Assets

Pictures or discussions about expensive purchases like a vehicle or jewelry may raise a red flag if such an asset was not disclosed as part the divorce proceedings.  This can create issues during the property division aspect of their divorce.

Child Custody Concerns

Pictures and discussions that may put a parent’s ability to properly care for his or her child can also be taken from social media information.  For example, a new romantic partner who has moved in with a divorcing spouse may be seen as a negative in a family court.  Likewise, pictures of a parent using drugs or alcohol can be detrimental to a child custody case.  In a New York child custody case, the question is what is in the child’s best interests.

Violation of Court Orders

A judge may make certain orders in a divorce case, such as ordering the parents not to disparage each other.  Blasts on social media can potentially be used in a contempt action.

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