Family Law Attorney in Bohemia NY: Considerations in Parenting Plans

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In an effort to make the court system appear more personal, many courts are using terms such as “parenting plans” over others such as “custody” or “visitation. ” A family law attorney in Bohemia New York can explain that parenting plans seek to focus on the children’s interests and creating a clear plan for the family’s future.  Some of the considerations that a family law attorney in Bohemia New York may have about parenting plans are whether they address the following issues:


How responsive the plan makes the parents, is an important consideration.  It can be difficult after a divorce or separation for parties to be civil toward each other.  An effective parenting plan will maximize the child’s emotional security which is often served by the parents working together as a team.  A clear method of communication regarding the child should be part of the plan.


The child’s care-giving routine is also important.  If he or she is currently primarily cared for by one parent, this arrangement may continue.  If both parents work outside of the home, the parenting plan may give the parents the first right to care for the child or the requirement that they agree on a caregiver.


The parenting plan should establish clear guidelines so that the child will know what to expect.  It may contain additional provisions that are aimed at maintaining a safe and welcoming environment.


An effective parenting plan should be tailored to the needs of the child and the family.  Additionally, it should provide for the possibility of modification if the child or family’s needs change or an emergency occurs.

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