Divorce Attorney in Bohemia NY Explains Long-Standing Relationship Differences

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In many divorces, the couples have been married only a short time before they realize that their marriage will not work out.  While still difficult, these divorces may not include some of the issues tackled by individuals who have been married for a long time.  A divorce attorney in Bohemia New York can explain some of the differences between shorter marriages and long-standing ones.  Additionally, a divorce attorney in Bohemia New York can talk about the potential ways to handle important issues during the divorce process.

Co mingled Assets

Couples who have been married longer may have more assets that are comingled together.   Additionally, these assets may be more valuable in nature due to the time that they have had to appreciate in value and the investment that the parties have made in them.

Work Matters

If one person has been the primary breadwinner, it may be difficult for the other to suddenly re-emerge in the workforce.  Special consideration must be given to health insurance, benefits and spousal support.  Additionally, the value of retirement accounts may be at issue if the parties have had time to plan for their retirement.

More Reasoned Perspectives

Because people in long marriages may have spent a lifetime together and forged a true friendship, they may not be as likely to engage in hostile or aggressive stances during the divorce process.  Often, they simply want to exit the relationship with dignity and feeling that others will respect them.  This may open the doors to practical solutions during the divorce process.

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