Divorce Mediation in Bohemia NY: Getting Along for the Sake of the Child

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Divorce mediation in Bohemia New York that involves children will focus partially on establishing a reasonable parenting plan that discusses how parents will share the responsibilities and duties of raising their child.  Parents can have a united front toward their child with an effective parenting plan in place.   Divorce mediation in Bohemia New York is more likely to be successful when the parents:

Focus on the Child

Parents must set aside their own differences and focus on the needs of their child.  By keeping an objective perspective on the matter, the parents can maintain their focus on the child’s best interests.

Communicate about Concerns

An effective mediator will get the parties to express their feelings, including acknowledging the other parent’s strengths and addressing any concerns.  By discussing these concerns, any misunderstandings may be rectified.

Communicate about Guidelines

Both parents should also be actively involved in the mediation process.  They should discuss potential guidelines that they would like to have in place.  By compromising, they may be much more likely to get these provisions in place than they would if they litigated the case.

Be Flexible

Parents should strive to create an effective plan but also realize that the plan may need to change over time.  As the child matures, different arrangements may work better.  If a parent’s living situation or job changes, there may need to be adjustments to the plan.

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