Legal Separation Attorney in Bohemia NY: When You’re Not Ready for a Divorce

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Legal Separation Attorney in Bohemia NY: When You’re Not Ready for a Divorce

Many people who retain the legal services of a legal separation attorney in Bohemia New York do so because they are not yet ready for a divorce.  Whether caused by religious beliefs, financial concerns or an emotional stance, some people are not ready to get divorced but still want to create a formal plan during a trial separation.  A legal separation attorney in Bohemia New York can discuss some of the benefits and issues involved in a legal separation.

Divorce-Like Agreements

A separation agreement may contain provisions that are very similar to divorce decrees.  In fact, they may eventually even become the divorce agreement.  Separation agreements may contain information about the couple’s property, children and future plans.

Retaining the Benefits of Marriage

While the agreement may read similarly, a key distinction between legal separation and divorce is that the parties can usually retain the same benefits of marriage while being separated.  For example, they may enjoy a better tax treatment, the ability to maintain health insurance or immigration benefits.


For many people, the advantage of a legal separation is that it gives the parties time apart and the ability to look at what their life apart may mean in the long run.  Some couples decide to reconcile after some time apart as they each focus on individual issues.  Others decide that divorce is the next best step.  A legal separation buys both parties some space and time apart to make rational decisions.

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