Divorce Mediator in Bohemia NY: Problems Resolved

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A divorce mediator in Bohemia New York tackles a number of problems related to a divorce.  If successful, the divorce mediator in Bohemia New York can help divorcing couples sort through a number of legal issues in an amicable fashion, saving them time and money.  Some of these issues include:

Property Division 

A mediator may discuss when the couple acquired different types of property, how they contributed to the property and what each party believes would be a fair resolution.  Often by one party agreeing to forego his or her interest in a particular piece of property, the other spouse will do likewise regarding property that does not have as much emotional attachment for him or her.


One of the most important aspects of family mediation is deciding important issues related to the couple’s children.  A divorce mediator can help parties make decisions related to their children, including who will have primary custody of the children, whether joint custody will be used instead, how much child support should be paid and how time will be split between the parents.

Other Issues

Every divorce case is unique so the mediator may encounter unique situations.  He or she can help parties sort through other issues such as how to maintain a family business after divorce, what types of plans should be made regarding divorcing couples and how to deal with property that cannot be sold right away.

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