What Does the Middle of a No Fault Divorce in Bohemia New York Look Like?

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Much of the focus of a no fault divorce in Bohemia New York is on how to get started with the process or how to wind up with the solution that the party wants.  However, the middle of a no fault divorce in Bohemia New York can be an integral part of the process that has many legal, financial and emotional implications. This stage may include:

Temporary Orders

Even if a divorce is considered a no fault divorce in New York, there may still be a number of complicated issues that need to be resolved, including the division of property, custody, visitation and support matters. Temporary orders may make rules regarding property, spousal support, child support and parenting time.

Need for Financial Changes

If the divorce process is expected to take a significant amount of time, there may be a need to create financial autonomy during this process. Spouses may want to close out joint accounts and start to establish a separate credit profile.  Budgets for post-divorce income and expenses should be drawn up to gauge a realistic perspective on finances after divorce.


Nearly all divorce cases are resolved short of a trial. Spouses who can resolve their differences may be able to negotiate a divorce agreement through negotiation or mediation.  If the parties are unable to reach a consensus, the alternative is to have a trial where a judge determines the outcome.

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