Finding a Legal Separation Attorney in East Islip New York

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New York is one of several states that recognize legal separation. Legal separation means that a couple is married, but has decided to live separate and apart. In some cases, the parties divorce after they separate. In others, they may work out their differences. In most separations, the couple completes a separation agreement that lays out how certain issues will be addressed. For example, which party will remain in the marital home and how custody and visitation will be handled are common issues that are covered in a separation agreement. To ensure that a legal separation agreement has been properly drafted and executed, most individuals hire a legal separation attorney in East Islip New York. A legal separation attorney in East Islip New York will advise a client as to what should be included in these agreements.

A legal separation attorney will go over the facts of the case with the client to confirm that each issue in the case, ranging from the use of property to custody of the children, has been covered in the separation agreement. A legal separation attorney will carefully review the agreement to make sure that its language is fair and that it will be upheld in court.

When searching for a legal separation attorney, make sure that the attorney has a significant amount of experience in handling divorces and separations. Ask attorneys how they stay current on the latest developments in family law, and ask about the types of cases the attorney has handled.

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