Contested Issues and Divorce Mediation in East Islip New York

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Many individuals believe that divorce mediation in East Islip New York cannot help a couple settle highly contested issues. However, divorce mediation in East Islip New York is actually an excellent tool for even the most contested divorce cases. No matter how complicated your case may be, do not give up on attempting to settle your case through mediation.

Many divorce cases become highly contested because the parties are angry with each other, are hurt by the divorce process, and are vengeful. This makes it difficult to settle issues, especially when one party wants to point out all the wrongs the other party has committed. Add a pending trial to the mix, where the parties are anxious as to how a judge will rule, and issues become even more difficult to resolve.

Divorce mediation takes a different approach. Divorce mediation focuses on settling the case, as opposed to which party is at fault for the breakdown of the marriage. This simple shift of focus makes it much more likely that the parties will work out their differences, no matter how contested certain issues may be. Of course, not every case settles at mediation, but the vast majority reach at least a partial settlement.

With the assistance of a mediator, the parties negotiate, explain their positions, and possibly even receive a dose of reality as to how their arguments may be perceived in court. These experiences help the parties let go of their positions on certain issues and settle the case.

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