Traits to Avoid in a Divorce Attorney in East Islip New York

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Finding the right attorney for your divorce case can be confusing and overwhelming. There are probably hundreds of attorneys in your area that advertise divorce services. When searching for a divorce attorney in East Islip New York, there are some traits you should avoid to ensure your representation is as strong as possible. Even if you have already hired a divorce attorney in East Islip New York, you may hire a new one if you begin noticing these characteristics.

First, though it may seem cliché, avoid attorneys if you feel uncomfortable around them. Remember, you will have to disclose lots of private details to your attorney, and if you are uncomfortable doing so, your case may suffer.

If your divorce attorney never has time to meet with you, take your phone calls, or respond to your emails, you are likely better off with a different attorney. Unfortunately, many attorneys communicate through their paralegals, or are slow to respond to their clients. When you have an urgent issue, this may harm your case.

Make sure that your divorce attorney takes the time to explain the office’s billing procedures to you. Many clients become frustrated when they do not understand why they were charged for certain activities, especially if they were not told in advance they were billable. If your attorney gives you vague answers on billing practices, seek another attorney.

Ultimately, throughout your divorce, you and your attorney will need to work as a team to increase your chances of success.

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