The Costs of a Divorce Mediator in East Islip New York

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It is no secret that divorce can be an expensive process. By the time a trial rolls around, the parties may have spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and court costs. Many individuals worry about how much each phase of the case will cost. However, divorce mediation is money very well spent. Using a divorce mediator in East Islip New York will not be nearly as expensive as taking the case to trial. A divorce mediator in East Islip New York can help the parties settle their case for a fraction of the cost of using the traditional court system.

Just how much does a divorce mediator cost? Usually, divorce mediators charge only a fraction of a usual divorce attorney retainer fee, depending on their experience and expertise. Furthermore, these fees are usually equally divided between the parties. Though many clients stress about the fee, it is miniscule when compared to the costs of preparing for trial, which include paying an attorney for hours of work to create a trial strategy.

Additionally, in mediation, there is no need for fancy exhibits, as there may be in trial. The parties usually bring their files along, and that is sufficient to thoroughly discuss the case. In a trial, certain documents may need to be reproduced, which can be an expensive process.

Since mediators often help the parties settle their case, they save the parties thousands of dollars in fees and expenses.

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