First Consultation with Your Family Law Attorney in East Islip NY

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When you feel that you have a family law problem that may require the assistance of a family law attorney in East Islip New York, it is important that you schedule a consultation.  During this consultation, you can learn about various aspects of the case and talk to an experienced family law attorney in East Islip New York.

A family law attorney can discuss the legal process.  If you are going through a divorce, he or she can explain the legal procedures that lead up to the divorce decree.  He or she can give a good idea about what you can expect from this process or any other family law matter, including how evidence is collected, how witnesses are brought into court and how the court proceedings go.

Additionally, a family law attorney can explain the way that legal problems are resolved, such as by the judge considering the best interest of the child or how to equitably divide property.  A family law attorney can explain the differences in a litigated case and one in which the parties reach a settlement.  He or she can also discuss the possibility of going through mediation.

Before you go to your initial consultation with a family law attorney, write down pertinent questions that you want to have answered before you leave.  Review these questions with your attorney and ask any follow-up questions to get clarity on the matter.

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