Getting Your Financial House in Order with a Divorce Attorney in Hauppauge NY

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Many of the decisions during divorce are related to finances.  A divorce attorney in Hauppauge New York can help review finances with you and provide information about options that may be available.  By carefully evaluating your finances, a divorce attorney in Hauppauge New York can better position you in your divorce case.

Determining Income

A divorce attorney can emphasize when gross figures need to be provided during the divorce process and when net figures should be used instead.  Additionally, he or she can help determine the income from a business, predict bonus income and evaluate perks and other employment benefits.  A divorce attorney can also discuss the possibility of acquiring spousal support, how long it may last and how a court determines an amount to award.


A divorce attorney can also review the various assets that a couple has, discuss the difference between liquid assets and others and provide information about what is a usual split of assets.  He or she may also provide advice about how to treat different assets, such as whether to keep a marital residence or not.  A divorce attorney can also discuss how to determine the value of equity in the home and how to compensate each spouse for their share of the equity.  He or she can also discuss how tax deductions associated with the home are treated and lay out the different rights and responsibilities that each spouse may have.

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