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The number of divorces among the Baby Boomer generation continues to increase.  Individuals over 50 have a different set of needs and concerns than other individuals contemplating divorce.  A family law attorney in Bohemia NY can listen to these concerns and address them.  By having a better idea of the options available to them, individuals can direct their family law attorney in Bohemia NY toward the path they want to be on.

One important concern for older individuals is that the majority of income-producing years are behind them.  Retirement accounts may be split up.  What someone thought would be a healthy retirement may now not be enough to retire on schedule.  A Domestic Relations Order may be issued by the court that orders how a retirement account is to be divided.  Older couples are often able to supplement their income with Social Security benefits.  If a person is over 62 and was in a marriage that lasted over 10 years, he or she can collect benefits on his or her ex’s record without reducing benefits for that spouse.

Another common area of concern for older couples is health insurance.  Most employer plans only allow for a spouse to be carried on insurance for a limited number of months and usually at an expensive premium.  Couples may handle insurance needs by incorporating this discussion into negotiations regarding spousal support.

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