Why It’s Important to Acknowledge the Other Side in No-Fault Divorce in Bohemia New York

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Couples who consider no-fault divorce in Bohemia New York may be more likely to benefit from mediation than other couples.  This is because the parties may recognize that they simply do not belong together rather than trying to blame the breakdown of the marriage on one person.  Even if there are fault grounds for divorce, a couple may pursue a no-fault divorce in Bohemia New York because they do not want to expose their marital issues to the public.  However, it is important that the parties acknowledge the other side in order to make the most of the mediation experience.

Often, a party usually sees that he or she is right and the other side is wrong.  In order to communicate effectively, it is important that each party understands that the other may view the situation differently.  Therefore, there may not be a “right” or “wrong” stance.  When each party understands that the other party has a different set of beliefs, values and experiences that inform their perception, they may be more likely to meet in the middle.

Even if a proposal is not what one party wants, if he or she can acknowledge that it is not “wrong,” the parties can move further in mediation.  By not discounting an idea and really reflecting on each proposition, the parties exhibit respect to each other and work toward a resolution that will work for both of them.

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