Hire a Divorce Attorney in Bohemia New York to Protect Your Property

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A New York divorce can take many unexpected twists and turns before it is finalized. Without legal representation, these twists and turns may significantly impact a party’s right to certain property at the end of the case. A divorce attorney in Bohemia New York, however, will be able to guide those involved in a divorce throughout the process and make sure that their property rights are adequately protected. A divorce attorney in Bohemia New York is especially skilled and knowledgeable in the domestic laws of the state and their impact on the division of property.

During a divorce, the parties must determine how to divide their assets and debts. Many clients may be unaware that certain property, such as property that was inherited or gifted, is not subject to division in a divorce. Imagine a husband inherited a home in the Hamptons after the death of a parent. The husband does not hire an attorney when he and his wife divorce, and, thinking that all property must be divided, the husband sells the house and splits the profits with his wife. Had the husband had a divorce expert on his side, he would have known that he had the right to not only keep the home, but also to keep it out of the pool of property that was divided during the divorce.

This is just one example of why a divorce expert is necessary to protect one’s property rights. It is not worth the risk to proceed without representation.

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