How a Real Estate Attorney in Bohemia NY Helps with Disputes

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A real estate attorney in Bohemia New York is available not only to help you through the sale or purchase of a piece of property, but also to assist you if a dispute arises during or after that transaction. A real estate attorney in Bohemia New York will make sure that real estate transactions are handled properly and that the terms of these contracts are enforced if a breach occurs.

Imagine that you have found your dream home at a great price. With the assistance of your real estate attorney, you enter into a contract with the sellers. The home is inspected thoroughly, or so you thought. Once you move in, you notice odd noises coming from the attic. Your dream home becomes a nightmare once you realize there are hundreds of bats living above your head.

Your real estate attorney will help you take the steps necessary to pinpoint which individual is liable for failing to discover or disclose the infestation of bats. For example, did the inspectors fail to go into the attic, when they should have given it a full inspection? Did the real estate agent have reason to suspect an infestation? With a real estate attorney, you will be able to quickly take action and seek damages that reimburse you for the expense of removing the bats from your home.

Real estate transactions involve several parties, and stacks of paperwork. A real estate attorney has the expertise and experience necessary to fight for what you deserve.

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