Why Hire a Legal Separation Attorney in Patchogue NY?

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A legal separation attorney in Patchogue NY provides many services to his or her clients.  Some of the ways that a legal separation attorney in Patchogue NY assists include:

Explains Rights

A legal separation attorney can provide clarity to a situation.  He or she can explain how you can obtain a legal separation by reaching an agreement regarding important issues such as property division, child support and child custody.  He or she can explain what you will be entitled to and what property is not considered part of the marital estate.

Describes Options

A legal separation attorney can explain the options that you have going forward.  This includes reaching an agreement with your spouse through negotiations.  It can also include going through mediation in order to reach a settlement.  The options regarding divorce will also be outlined.

Negotiates on Your Behalf

Whether through traditional negotiations or the process of mediation, a legal separation attorney can negotiate on your behalf so that you do not have to have direct communication with your spouse.  This also allows someone more objective and rational to be in the negotiating position while you still retain the right to ultimately decide if the terms are to your liking or not.

Creates a Separation Agreement

A legal separation attorney can also draft the official separation agreement that is negotiated between you and your spouse.  This can help ensure that your agreement is clearly spelled out and that mistakes are avoided.

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