What Not to Expect with No Fault Divorce in East Islip NY

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What Not to Expect with No Fault Divorce in East Islip NY

A no fault divorce in East Islip NY is a relatively new option since New York was the last state to recognize no-fault grounds for divorce.  While a no fault divorce in East Islip NY provides a less strenuous option for many couples, it does not make the process simple.  Some things NOT to expect during this process include:

No Drama

A no fault divorce simply means that the parties are not officially blaming the divorce on one particular spouse or on particular misconduct.  However, this does not mean that the parties agree on all of the important issues around their divorce, such as who should keep the home, how assets will be divided, whether spousal support should be paid, how much child support should be paid, which parent will have primary custody of the children or whether joint custody will be maintained.  If the parties do agree on these issues, the case may proceed as “uncontested.”

To Get Everything You Want

Few people leave a marriage with everything that they want.  Even if there is a prenuptial agreement that pre-establishes what will happen in the event of divorce, the changes that occurred during the marriage may have altered the previously perceived degree of dividing assets or there may be challenges made to the agreement’s enforceability.  Parties must often compromise in order to achieve the best settlement that is possible under the circumstances.

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