How can I protect myself from domestic abuse?

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Families may face many troubles over the years. Sometimes members of the family face issues, such as substance abuse. Whether this involves alcohol or drugs, it can cause a great deal of damage to the family. Other factors, such as anger issues, can have a negative effect on a family as well. Although family units are strong, there are times when it is important to seek help. Abuse from a family member is never OK. This abuse may be physical but it can also be emotional or psychological. If you face domestic abuse in your household, it is important you get the help you need. Contact our professional attorneys for legal counsel to best assess your situation. We want to ensure that you are safe in your home and free from harm’s way.

How can I escape domestic violence?

When facing matters involving domestic violence, it is first important to take care of yourself. Seek medical attention if it is needed. You want your health to be the first priority. Not only should you consider physical help through a doctor’s visit, you should consider attending sessions with a therapist. A therapist can be a great way to address the issues that have been happening in your life. They can guide you toward recovery and explain more about situations involving domestic violence or abuse.

In order to protect yourself from the individual abusing you, you may want to consider an order of protection. The state of New York provides abused victims with immediate relief from violence through these orders of protection. These legal documents instantly limit the behavior of the accused. They are not allowed to come within a certain distance of you, which will be determined based upon the situation. These orders can be requested in family or criminal court. An Order of Protection is used to keep the abuser away from you, bar them from the home you are living in, force the abuser to follow child custody and support orders and to relinquish their firearms.

Domestic violence situations can be very dangerous. Do not feel ashamed of the circumstances. Seek the help you need to protect yourself and the rest of your family from your abuser. Our firm understands the emotional turmoil that comes with these incidents. We want to help you feel safe. Consult us for help.

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