What is family court?

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Due to the variety of cases brought to court, the court system must prepare for anything coming their way. In order to separate these cases based on their topic, the Family Court Act was established. Through this act, it created a singular court system to handle cases that involve families and their needs. The act gave this court the authority to decide on cases, enforce orders and modify judgments as they see fit. However, there may be a few differences in how the court functions compared to other courts. If you find that you are going to attend family court, you may want to seek legal counsel on how these courts operate. It could better prepare you for what to expect in litigation.

What kind of cases are heard in family court?

The state of New York hears a variety of cases in family court that deal with many different matters. In this court system, cases may involve child visitation, child support, child custody and spousal maintenance. Although these cases relate to divorce proceedings, divorce cases are not heard in family court. These cases are saved for the Supreme Court of New York.

Family court may also include cases involving foster care approval and review, paternity disputes, adoption, juvenile delinquency, domestic violence, child protective proceedings or persons in need of supervision. These issues are all under the jurisdiction of a family court.

What can you expect from family court proceedings?

Family court shares many similarities with how it runs in relation to other courts in the Unified Court System. In relation to other courts, family court has cases identified by a docket number. Attendance is vital in all court systems. In family court, participants must be on time and present or they may face consequences, which can involve default judgments. As in any other court, family court allows parties to make appeal decisions and request motions.

When involved in any court proceeding, it is in your best interest to acquire the representation of an attorney. Our legal professionals can guide you through the court process and help protect your future. We want to ensure that you are able to receive the best outcome possible.

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