Is a Legal Separation Attorney in Bohemia NY Necessary?

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New York is one of several states that recognize legal separation. To become legally separated, a married couple must enter a binding contract that states how they will address certain issues as they begin living separate and apart. Most often, these agreements dictate how household bills will be paid and how custody and visitation with the children will be arranged. If you and your spouse have decided to separate, and agree as to how your lives will proceed, you may think that hiring a legal separation attorney in Bohemia New York is unnecessary. However, to make sure that the legal separation agreement is properly drafted and filed, you should hire a legal separation attorney in Bohemia New York.

When entering any contract, especially a separation agreement, it is wise to have an attorney help you through the process. Many individuals leave out certain issues in these agreements, which causes problems later. For example, they may include a clause that says “Wife has custody of the children, and husband may see them on the weekends.” Does this mean every weekend? What time does visitation begin and end? May either parent take the children out of state? Without these additional details, the parties may have major problems with a visitation schedule. With a legal separation attorney, these specifics would be inserted into the separation agreement.

To make sure that your legal separation agreement is enforceable by New York courts, it is best to hire an attorney to help you with the details.

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