Preparing for Divorce Mediation in Bohemia New York

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If you have never been involved in a legal proceeding before, going through each phase of the case probably causes you a significant amount of anxiety. Most individuals are wary of the unknown, and a divorce is no exception. However, if you are planning to attend divorce mediation in Bohemia New York, there are several steps you can take to prepare. By learning about divorce mediation in Bohemia New York, you will be able to focus on settling your case instead of wondering what happens next.

During divorce mediation, a mediator gains an understanding of the parties’ positions at the beginning of the session. Using this information, the mediator begins suggesting ways that the parties may compromise and settle the different issues in the case. The parties remain in control of any settlement agreements that are reached, as the mediator does not make any decisions on behalf of the parties.

As mediation approaches, make a list of your goals. What do you want out of a settlement agreement? What is most important to you? Keep this list with you and tell the mediator what you want. Many parties settle their cases at mediation only to realize they forgot to discuss certain issues, which causes delays in the finalization of the case.

Mediation is private and confidential, and takes places away from the courtroom. You may tell the mediator your concerns without fear that the mediator will disclose them to the other party, unless you provide express permission to do so.

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