Lack of Recovery: Why a Child Support Lawyer in Stony Brook New York is Your Best Friend

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Divorce can bring out the worst in people, even people who at one time loved each other enough to try and fashion their lives together. There is no more emotionally-fraught decision than child support ordered by a court. In fact, there is likely no other area of divorce that benefits more from having an experienced child support lawyer in Stony Brook New York on your side.

The reason an attorney’s help in a contentious divorce is so important when it comes to support issues is simple: While it is possible to attain adjustments to support orders down the line if the initial support order is excessive, in general the damage will have been done.

No Credit

The main reason it’s essential to enlist a good child support lawyer in Stony Brook New York when dealing with support issues in court is because it’s nearly impossible to get money back even if a support order is later found to have been excessive. In other words, after paying a too-high support order in compliance with the law, if a non-custodial parent wins a reduction in the payment because it is found to be excessive, they almost never gain any sort of credit or refund. The end result very much resembles an undeserved bonus for the custodial parent, who may have received thousands of dollars by this stage that they should not have had the support order been sensible in the first place.

Getting it Right

This is where a child support lawyer in Stony Brook New York earns their fee: By ensuring that support orders are reasonable in the first place, the non-custodial parent is never in the position of spending money they can’t recover.

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