Keeping Your Options Open; Divorce Mediation in Bohemia NY

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For many people, ending a marriage feels like gaining back freedom: After years of having all of their choices constrained by the interests, feelings, and desires of their spouse, they are finally free to make whatever choices they wish. This can range from the simple – what to have for dinner each night – to the complex, like returning to school to pursue a whole new career.

This sense of freedom is part of what makes the assumption that litigation is the only possible path for ending a marriage such a shame, because once you choose to litigate a divorce, your choices narrow to exactly one. By pursuing divorce mediation in Bohemia NY instead, you keep your options open and have more choices.

Mediation All About Choice

First and foremost, one of the greatest advantages of divorce mediation in Bohemia NY is the fact that choosing to pursue it does not preclude any future changes in strategy. If mediation does not manage to resolve conflicts and craft a separation agreement that can be taken to the courts, either spouse can choose to pursue a new pathway at the conclusion of the failed mediation. This could include litigation. Choosing initial mediation does not in any way take litigation off the table.

The Default Choice

In fact, this flexibility elevates divorce mediation in Bohemia NY to the status of the obvious choice. There is little to lose by pursuing an affordable, confidential, and fast resolution to the end of a marriage first, leaving the more complex, expensive, and difficult path of litigation as a final choice when all else has failed. The more people who adopt this attitude towards divorce proceedings, the less emotional and financial turmoil experienced by people seeking to expand their choices.

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