New York Divorce and the Benefits of Planning

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There is one universal that applies to just about every aspect of adult life: The more you plan, the better the results you get. This is true for your family, your finances, your retirement – and your divorce. Too many people, when they come to the sad decision that their marriage has ended, believe that the total amount of planning involved is the selection of a qualified New York divorce lawyer to handle their divorce. The fact is, you will benefit in several ways from having a coherent and forward-thinking plan for your divorce before rushing into anything.

Take Your Time

Divorce is an emotional decision as much as it is a financial or objective decision. Many people hire a New York divorce lawyer intending to make their spouse suffer for perceived betrayals or emotional harm.

A better strategy is to sit down with your New York divorce lawyer long before you actually file for divorce, and consider both the desired outcome of the divorce in terms of:

  • Custody and visitation
  • Division of assets
  • Tone of proceedings and speed and ease of the process

As well as the future relationship you wish to have with your spouse. Remember, if children are involved, your divorce will not be the end of your relationship with your spouse.

Benefits of Planning

The benefits of taking the time to plan your divorce include

  • Less emotional stress, both on you and your children
  • Custody and property division plans that are more stable and less likely to need changes as time goes on
  • Identification of potential problems ahead of time, enabling you to approach your spouse and offer solutions without rancor in court

Planning is a key component of success in a divorce.

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