A Legal Separation Attorney in Patchogue NY Assists with Separation Agreements

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If you and your spouse have agreed to separate, you may be attempted to simply save the expense of hiring a legal separation attorney in Patchogue New York.  However, not retaining a legal separation attorney in Patchogue New York during this process is usually a bad idea.  Legal separation attorneys can help draft agreements so that:

You Are Advised of Your Rights

You do not want to sign an agreement that can adversely affect your rights.  Some provisions may have unexpected consequences.  A legal separation attorney can read through proposed provisions and advise you on the potential ramifications.

You Can Turn the Agreement into Grounds for Divorce

Through the process of a conversion divorce, you can take the work that you do with the legal separation agreement and transform it into the foundation for a divorce.  New York courts provide this option for people one year after the agreement is signed and notarized.

You Can Incorporate the Terms of the Agreement

A legal separation attorney can help draft the separation agreement so that it can later be incorporated into the divorce decree.  If both parties agree to the terms at the time of the separation and continue to agree when they are going through divorce, much of the legal work has already been accomplished.

The Agreement Can Be Enforced

Individuals who are not used to writing contracts or family law agreements may create agreements in which the language is unclear.  A legal separation attorney can draft the agreement so that the applicable court will be able to understand it and enforce its terms.

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