Secret Benefits to Using a Divorce Mediator in Hauppauge NY

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By now, it is common knowledge that retaining the services of a divorce mediator in Hauppauge New York is a more cost-efficient and time-preserving option than going through litigation.   The parties can settle their case, often for a fraction of the time and money they would have spent through litigation.   However, there are even more benefits to using a divorce mediator in Hauppauge New York, including:

You Restructure Your Relationship

Many spouses must maintain some type of relationship after a divorce.   They may be parents.   They may work in the same industry and must remain cordial.  And they may operate a family business.   Mediation focuses on helping the parties develop an effective relationship so that they are able to make joint decisions.   It is not uncommon for parties to say that they have a better relationship with their ex after mediation than they had with them during the marriage.

Focus Is on the Future

There is nothing that either spouse can do to undo the damage in the marriage.   However, mediation can help bring about new beginnings and a positive new start in life.   By teaching better ways to interact and coming up with solutions that work for both parties, all involved can move forward instead of holding onto the past.

Everyone Wins

In litigation, there has to be a winner and a loser.   In mediation, customized agreements often allow all of the parties to come out ahead, including the children who benefit from parents who can better interact with each other.

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