Legal Separation Attorney in Stony Brook NY Helps You Prepare

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A legal separation attorney in Stony Brook New York can help explain the steps that are crucial in protecting your financial future and your rights.  By understanding the initial steps that a person takes to commence this process, a person can cautiously approach this next phase of life.  Some steps that a legal separation attorney in Stony Brook New York may recommend the following:

Gather Financial Information

It is not uncommon for one spouse to take the lead with finances.  However, this can often create a power imbalance during the process of separation and divorce.  A spouse may attempt to hide assets or income.  Before filing any legal action, a lawyer may recommend locating tax returns, bank statements, payroll records, investment documents, deeds and any other financial documents.  Acquiring a credit report can also reveal if any accounts have been opened recently.

Establish Your Own Accounts

A lawyer may recommend opening a separate checking account so that income can be placed into it and so that attorney fees can be handled.  A lawyer can also explain whether it is preferable to close joint accounts and credit cards.

Get Advice

Separation and divorce can be difficult times.  A lawyer may recommend getting advice before moving any further.  He or she may be able to consult on the legal issues involved in the case.  An accountant may be able to help draw up a new budget based on post-separation factors.  A counselor may be able to assist children during this difficult transition.

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