Family Law Attorney in Stony Brook NY Explains Significance of Paternity

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A family law attorney in Stony Brook New York can help explain what the significance of establishing paternity is.  This action frequently precedes receiving other rights to a child, especially when the child was born out of wedlock.  While a father may be presumed in some cases, in other cases, this must first be established before the father will be given any rights or obligations related to the child.  A family law attorney in Stony Brook New York can also help with establishing legal paternity.

A father may be required to establish paternity before he or she is given visitation rights or has the right to pursue child custody of the child.  Additionally, paternity may need to be established before the father is obligated to pay child support.  In addition to these basic functions, establishing paternity helps reassure the child that both parents want to be involved in his or her life.  With established paternity, the father’s last name can be included on the child’s birth certificate and be able to be used by the child.

For parents who want to establish paternity, one option is to use an Acknowledgment of Paternity form at the hospital where the child is born.  However, if a father has reason to doubt paternity, he or she may wish to first consult with a lawyer concerning the legal implications of this act.  Either a mother or a father can petition to establish paternity through the court.

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