Buying or Selling? Get Help from a Real Estate Attorney in Bay Shore NY

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Retaining the services of an experienced real estate attorney in Bay Shore New York can help make condo or coop transactions go more smoothly.   A real estate attorney in Bay Shore New York can help perform due diligence duties so that you know the potential consequences of the transaction.

A lawyer can help determine whether all improvements, renovations and remodeling projects have properly been signed off by the city.  If this is performed before the listing is established, problems can be avoided and steps can be taken to remedy the situation.  It can also help avoid problems buyers may have with lenders.

Real estate lawyers can also prepare a list of questions concerning the current state of a property that is for sale.  He or she may specifically ask the seller to disclose information about the property, such as whether it has had any structural problems, leaks, infestations, noise complaints or other issues with the property.  This information may come in handy if a problem later pops up and buyers made certain assurances along the way.

A lawyer can review a coop or condo board’s requirements.  A lawyer can also review if there are any easements or covenants that affect the property.  He or she can also ensure that appropriate contingencies are included in purchase agreements, such as financing or inspection contingencies.

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