Why You Still Need an Attorney for a No Fault Divorce in Bay Shore NY

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Some individuals who want to save a few bucks may seriously consider not having legal representation during a no fault divorce in Bay Shore New York.  However, making this decision often costs people more in the long run.  Some reasons to consider having legal representation during a no fault divorce in Bay Shore New York include:

A Lawyer Has Legal Knowledge 

While things may seem simple on the outside, lacking the necessary legal knowledge to successfully execute a divorce can cost you in the long run.  If you do not respond to a divorce petition in a certain manner, do not provide a response within a certain amount of time or make a procedural mistake due to not understanding the nuances of civil procedure, you can pay for it.

You Could Get an Unfair Settlement

Even if you and your spouse ultimately settle your case, not having a lawyer can end in you having an unfair or unrealistic settlement that can impact your financial security for years to come.  Your rights to your children may be limited.  You may lose retirement benefits to which you were entitled.  You may lose property or acquire additional debt that a lawyer could have prevented.  If your spouse is represented, there will be an unfair advantage in the case.

You May Still Have to Pay Attorney Fees

In some cases, an unrepresented party may be required to pay for the legal fees of his or her spouse, especially if his or her mistakes cause inflated fees.

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