Divorce Attorney in Bay Shore NY: Avoid Parental Alienation

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Whether consciously or unconsciously, a divorce attorney in Bay Shore New York has seen parents involve their innocent children in their divorce battle.  Parents may actually participate in parental alienation without giving full thought into how this will affect their children.  A divorce attorney in Bay Shore New York can talk to parents about this serious issue and how to avoid it during the process of divorce.

Parental alienation occurs when a parent intentionally tries to separate a child physically, emotionally or otherwise from the other parent.  This is often done when one parent feels wronged by the other parent.  The wronged parent may talk to the child about the reasons for the divorce and how the other parent is to blame for it.  As a result, the child may begin to distance himself or herself from the other parent or develop ill feelings toward that parent.  The parent may also take steps to limit contact with the parent and child, such as by not allowing the child to talk to the other parent on the phone, interfering with visits, cancelling visits and taking other steps to limit access to the child.

Studies have shown time and time again that children are able to handle divorce better when they have reasonable access to both parents absent extreme situations.  Children rely on their parents to provide them with love, value and understanding.  Parents who are concerned about how their child is reacting to divorce may wish to consult with a divorce attorney for guidance.

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