Questions to Ask an Attorney before Divorce Mediation in Stony Brook NY

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While many individuals attend divorce mediation in Stony Brook New York unrepresented, many others feel better to ensure that they have competent legal representation at such a time as this.  A lawyer can advise a client during the process of divorce mediation in Stony Brook New York.  Some questions to ask of him or her prior to this process include:

What Mediation Experience Do You Have?

If you would like to attend mediation, it is important that you have a lawyer who supports this process.  If he or she has never participated in mediation, his or her presence may be a hindrance to the process.  This is because divorce lawyers must often play hard ball and appear aggressive, characteristics that can help with litigation but that hurt in mediation.  Additionally, if a lawyer serves as a mediator, he or she is familiar with the process and open to the idea that the parties can resolve their claims through creative solutions.

How Have You Helped Others?

You don’t want your lawyer to sit idly by as you pay for his or her services and that of mediation.  Get a good idea of how he or she can help with the process before agreeing to have him or her consult during mediation.

Will You Support Me Advocating for Myself?

It is not enough that the lawyer be able to fulfill his or her own rule during mediation.  Instead, he or she should instill confidence in you so that you understand your interests and whether or not a particular agreement will serve your needs.

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