How a Divorce Mediator in Bay Shore NY Helps You Help Yourself

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A divorce mediator in Bay Shore New York serves an important role in divorce.  Using divorce mediation allows a couple to get divorced on their own terms, saving the time, expense and publicity of a public spectacle.  One of the ways that a divorce mediator in Bay Shore New York best serves the needs of the parties is by helping them help themselves.

The mediator is not a decision maker like the judge.  While he or she can explain how local judges have ruled on similar matters in recent history, he or she does not represent either party.  Because he or she is not in an authority position during the mediation process, the parties can feel free to express themselves and open up rather than shutting down.  Mediators understand that it is more important to parties of how the divorce will affect them and their children than how a judge approaches a certain problem in a courtroom.

Additionally, experienced mediators understand the importance of letting people make their decisions.  These decisions are often based on creative ideas that emerge after the mediator suggests brainstorming possible options.  Mediators are used to helping couples find creative solutions rather than relying on the mediator’s ideas.  Mediators help keep the parties open to suggestions by establishing ground rules and expressing why it is important not to reject ideas from brainstorming sessions.  When a party feels like he or she is free to make an independent decision, a positive outcome is likely.

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